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Flight of Penguins

by Wonderfuzzy

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And We 03:14
found a man with a personal touch he brings me special joy want him just a bit too much need to be with my special boy he's better than my other toys and we, yeah, wham-bam-a-lam-a-ooo and we, yeah, ooo-la-lala ooo bang bang found a woman that cast a spell we traveled to the other side knows me better than i know myself all inhibitions left behind she shows me how to really fly and we, yeah, wham-bam-a-lam-a-ooo and we, yeah, ooo-la-lala ooo bang bang i want my boy, i want my girl don’t really want to pick a side i want them both to spin my world don't have to choose if we decide that all of us can share the ride and we three, yeah, wham-bam-a-lam-a-ooo and we three, yeah, ooo-la-lala bang bang bang and we three, yeah, wham-bam-oh-god-a-ooo and we three, yeah, ooo-la-lala bang bang bang and we three, la la la la la
colder in than out today even colder on the floor put there by the heavy loss held down by the loneliness (i want to) sleep forever make the memory come alive lay it all down and enter the dream will i find you after i awaken will i have to sleep forever your touch is feather light illuminate the night surrounded by the radiance summoned to your presence fade quickly through the gate i find you waiting there you gather every piece of me we fly into the mystery i close my eyes and see you smile as you pass before me i close my eyes and try to sleep forever
High Road 03:15
knock-down, drag-out fight kicking and screaming into the light don't feel complete inside lots of mistakes to hide hard to come and open to go virtue is easy when it's just for show pretend you're good, eventually become the one you want to be high road (two steps up for every one back) tryin' to keep it on the high road high road (hard to keep it on the right track) looking up and moving on high road (run the curves and open it up) don't like to ask directions high road (close your eyes right through the stop) don't anticipate perfection stay low, easy go can't move fast in the working class best things in life are free won't never sell my integrity created my pain bumps in my own lane can't look down on you fall from a high view not trying to be better than anyone but me your one true god may not be mine don't care why you decided to climb plenty of room and more beside maybe your map is better than mine
you can't see me if i don't look at you i close the curtain i turn away master of disguise mask hides my guarded eyes closing the curtain quiet in private but now not just only fear threads of life illuminate and now disturbing all my plans images insistently appear something flickers back to life my eyes are taking pictures of you i can't look away, look away my mind is showing pictures of you it's all i think about, think about immersed in all these pictures vicious cycling self-pity drowning cast my own shadows it's never morning step out outside of my own self think about somebody else before is everything i was close my eyes and you're already mine smiles shared and hands entwined this lake of sorrow so self-reflecting won't ever find you self-contemplating a glance is only for the now but memories can long endure a look can liberate a life do you keep my image in your mind are you saving pictures too
I Will 03:15
come rest your weary head here and the pain will be no more there is nothing left to fear i’m here close your eyes i will watch you i will keep you i won't leave you for all time i will watch you i will keep you i won't leave you even when the world seems cold and as dark as night i will be your warmth i'll be your light this i vow i will watch you i will keep you i won't leave you sleep for now i will watch you i will keep you i won't leave you as the sunlight slowly creeps in and the blackness fades my love waits for you when you awake through the night i will watch you i will keep you i won't leave you by your side i will watch you i will keep you i won't leave you i won't leave you i won't leave you
so i have a hunger deep inside it's not in my heart or in my soul it's even deeper than that it can only be satisfied by deep-fried meat and cheese i need a chimichanga fix me i'm broken and empty without you fill me with magic you're so damn delicious so i went to work yesterday and couldn't decide on lunch my coworker said why don't we go get salads i know, right a salad it's fun to say it's fun to eat a really yummy tummy treat a nicer food you'll never meet my chimi-chimichanga so i got home last night and didn't want to cook my boyfriend said why don't we go out for chimichangas i want to have his babies we'll name the first one Chimi and the second one Changa what no, that's silly who names a baby Fix i want a chimichanga
Zoo of Life 03:27
i said hey pretty mama tryin to rise above the drama but it, it's never ending and you’re trying to hide cause you can't share or everybody's talking 'bout it hey little lady know that times is getting crazy but the world keeps turning and you’re learning so fast so don’t be scared cause your troubles they are all in your past everyone's got an opinion knows what's best and what is in you they all say to take it slow but they got no rhyme or reason they just say it's in this season but what do they really know oh there's the good kids bad kids writing emo messages and how do they get by when there's the jock scene prom queen riding in a limousine and living on a lie how do they get by living on a lie you march on to your own beat while you're tripping on your feet nobody's gonna bring you down cause when you smile baby girl you share your beauty with the world and there ain't no need to frown when there's the junkies, flunkies acting like a bunch of monkeys in this zoo of life you put your foot down, turn around right before you hit the ground it's gonna be all right it'll be all right in the zoo of life
Missing 04:09
once asleep i met you in a waking dream wasn't ready for your mesmerizing eyes friendly looks mistakenly identified openly misunderstood the last goodbye didn't know it would hurt so much empty arms left holding pain and i'm missing you so much more than you miss me is it better to have loved knowing that you don't love me you don't see me in the stars you don't hear me in the wind you don't dream of me and you're not missing me if i tell you everything i'm feeling now will it bring you back or keep you far away i still want the happily ever after even though there was no once upon a time only one thing on my mind i need to see you again you don't even know how much you make me feel i don't even know how long it's been guess i wasn't finished loving after all when will you be ready to begin how much feeling do i share so afraid to scare you away i can almost feel you in this empty room
where you are is where i want to be here with you feels most like home to me the only things that ever give me peace are your perfect love and the quiet trees living happily together warm in any weather you and i forever in our house in the woods we will make ourselves a home there live on love and clean air you and i in our house in the woods together we can be all alone living here right here where we belong i find your voice deep in the sea of green i feel your touch within the shining rain we will sing harmonies with the water and the trees we will talk to animals even though they might not listen everywhere we will see infinite artistry we will be in every moment without leaving a trace time will come and the season will change we will move to a different plane change comes for every one of us forever will never be enough we will live on as shadows in the summer silent music playing all around happily together warm in any weather you and i forever in our house in the woods we will make ourselves a home there live on love and clean air as the light takes us in leaving whispers in the wind you and i in our house in the woods
where have the lovers gone why are they all alone keep holding on to yesterday one wants to play the end game one wants to make a different two three might as well be a million there's no one there feel the rain let it run down underground where the tears of joy meet the sea of pain find the sun see the light shine from the eyes of a little one wind stirs the memory clouds hide the rest of me don't want to let it all go even when it's all in the past still dreaming of the future one angel calls to another you're not alone feel the rain let it wash away the ones never left at all still came back again call the sun feel it now and save it all in the shadows two down and one to go many colors for the show see through the open window even now you say that you want me you're only lying to yourself all done for now and forever lay it all down feel the rain and as much as it hurts now i just can't forget how you made me feel want the sun rather fall into the flame than feel nothing feel the rain never wanted to forget how you made me feel, you made me feel hold the sun hotter then but warmer now then you're gone again
i died seven times waiting underneath the moon for you i lived seven lives pretending they were ours to share saw you from the past knowing you were looking back for me history for you is tomorrow and today for me finally the path is clear all is ready to bring you here you will find me beyond the stars sailing on the ever endless sea of time listen carefully and feel the words i sent ahead in and out of dreams we speak in silent harmony veils of time and space cannot hide the road that we will take i lived seven lives but the next one is when you arrive


released December 31, 2016

Cover photo - Copyright Christopher Prins, all rights reserved, used with permission.


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